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tv   Congressional Reaction to State of the Union Speech  CSPAN  January 30, 2018 10:35pm-11:49pm EST

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this is continuing coverage on c-span2. the president's first state of the union address. you might recognize the place we are standing right now camped along with many media outlets. this is statuary hall not far from the chamber where the president spoke and it's pretty much become a tradition for the members to talk to reporters after the president's speech and we will do this for roughly an hour or so i always start with the lineup on both sides of the aisle. the member we are going to talk to this evening.
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great to be with you and with a great speech. to endorse donald trump and 26 teams are to be active in the campaign and now one year into the presidency he gave me fact-based speech about the economy and how it is booming. it's also an inspirational speech. as he talked about, the things we have yet to achieve for those in the country still struggling and living in poverty we need to find them, get them skills so i thought that this was a great speech and my only disappointment is the partisan divide on the floor where time after time standing ovation by the republicans and i think with the exception of joe manchin from west virginia who stood
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with us and said that the rest of the democrats sat on their hands and i will just use the word it was disappointing. the president did say we should set aside differences and find a common ground. how was that possible at this point? >> certainly it should always be possible when we fund our military. we did see the democrats standing up on that as well and be sequester on the defense funding so there were those moments and i think we just need to build on those moments and it's going to come down to the conversation of those young children that were brought here but althat all of us have compan for and if we could get at it over the finish line and ending chain migration and the visa lottery which i think most americans support perhaps that can be the start.
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president trump did reach out across the aisle and we did see a few possible agreements. >> as we wrap up, paint a picture of the buffalo area that has seen its share of difficult times economically and what does the future look like? >> the highest taxed least business regulated we continue to lose another congressional seat in the next. with those goes to jobs, the the future with the children and it's been devastating for the te state committee for state and western new york and factories have been shut down. congressmen chris collins republican of new york. as we continue on in statuary hall this one from brooklyn new
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york. good evening. >> i'm proud to be from new york where i think the governor along with my former colleagues are doing a tremendous job and i am proud to be from brooklyn to represent a district filled with one misrepresentation after another. it's a reality as it relates to the economy and job creation, barack obama created 14 million plus private-sector jobs and the notion that this economic turnaround has begun in the last year is fiction. >> h >> he called it a new american moment. what does that mean to you? >> we have seen one divisive moment after another. he hasn't brought people together, he's tearing us apart. it seems like he wants to turn
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back the clock and that is unfortunate. it isn't clear to me that he really means it and so the proof is in the pudding as my grandmother would say and we will see what happens over the next few weeks and months. what do you make of the pillars that he spoke about tonight? >> it was riddled with misinformation in particular when he talked about the so-called chain migration invented on the right to try to demonize people under a program which is called family reunification consistent with the american dream and the statue of liberty and the notion that we welcome folks from all over the country to pursue the american dream, to work hard and make it in this great country he seems to not understand that dynamic though he's from mississippi in new york. >> the president said there is going to be a lot of work to do in the weeks ahead.
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what do you see happening in the immigration area? >> mitch mcconnell has promised there would be a vote on the dreamers. we have seen no such promise so it isn't clear that there will be any movement in the house of representatives if donald trump is interested in seeing progre progress. they would seize the vote on the house floor and if that happens, we know that it will pass. >> thank you for joining us tonight. let's go right through another democratic membeto anotherdemoc, representative sheila jackson lee from the houston texas area. let me ask about your district first because this area in general following the storms from last year how are things picking up plaque
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>> we are resilient and strong and have a team of local officials but that is one of the reasons i was deeply disappointed tonight. there was a fleeting moment of accolades for the rescuers and first responders and coast guard of which i stand united on that applause but there was nothing about the president's commitment to help us. the amount of money that we need to rebuild and fix our infrastructure is more than $81 billion that is now in place and when i say in the face, for everyone, puerto rico, virgin te virgin islands, and of course texas. texas was devastated and was the most catastrophic storm on the continental united states and our friends in california. nothing was said to fix the pain
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and help the elderly and disabled and i thought that was a great disappointment. i don't think the president understands the role of government and commitment. >> the president laid out the four pillars of the current thoughts on immigration and where the issue is going to go if anywhere. >> i hope the president would heal the nation tonight and one with the talk iof the top in a t immigration reform. one of my guests tonight was a dreamer and i don't think that these pillars he'll donation or platform. there are discussions going on, but he has misinterpreted immigration family reunificati reunification. it's not changed immigration. it doesn't in any way suggest
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the countries with people of color and thi less of a chance n the united states and that's how we help them and then to think about the wall rather than personality and technology and then to agitate the family by talking about more liberation and to attack north korea that we know was a bad actor when north korea has been somewhat if you will quiet during this period of time and why doesn't the president mentioned that he didn't issue the sanction against the adversary, one of our greatest adversaries russia that it sanctions on them but wants to attack other world entities tonight which doesn't create any manner of unity or world peace. our members of the judiciary and homeland security committees wanted to ask you in a general sense after a year in office
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where do you give the president credit? >> i certainly think he gave himself credit and that is after he told the story of the economy. i'm always excited when they do well and i might add having been in congress for a while when we spend $800 billion in the program that let me tell you what's important that he didn't speak to for the rule of law and the constitution, the respect for the federal law enforcement, the fbi i think this attack on the most known in law enforcement agencies i work with in the united states should have not gone withou without mention, meaning should indicate we all worworked together and respect e hard working men and women of the law enforcement and rule of law in th and the constitution i look forward to helping americans appreciate the constitution and benefit.
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>> thank you for coming back to talk to us. it's a pleasure to meet with you. as we continue talking with members of congress from here in statuary hall is representative mark sanford republican of north carolina. he wants $1.5 trillion of infrastructure activity generated by all sorts of folks working together. how do you see that coming about? >> i think there's going to be a strong solution for the significant infrastructure. the new number over the past couple of the because the difficult question is how do you pay for it we just have to pay for it in the steins.
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>> what did you hear into speech tonight that caught your attention? the >> it was sort of in open-ended question. i think that it was what it was with regards to the executive branch powers so that was sort of ominous and i would say what you heard on immigration is predictable based on what had been laid out. in a little bit of kudos to. so we heard a lot of issues and i think that he was impressed with the different numbers i don't think i ever heard a speech with as many personal
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stories. as we stand here tonight, we are coming off of a brief government shutdown, eight or nine days away now from potentially another one. what do you make of the way of the governmenthegovernment is ds right now? >> the idea of funding the government to the short-term is a disaster in the standpoint of planning they plan much longer as does every other agency so i think it hurts the agencies that are well-run and it hurts the taxpayers and it leads to a lot of unnecessary as people coming to the different theories because each of them represents a point of leverage. >> republican of south carolina thank you for joining us. we moveon bac move on back to te democratic side of the aisle,
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longtime member of the ways and means committee of course. what do you hear? >> he talked about the jobs coming back here, but the key to that negotiation is to end the outsource and so far the administration has not made clear that it's going to stand firm and make sure that mexico changes restructure the words the industry as is true of the auto parts industry and other industries so in that sense it was hollow. where are you right now with the bill that was just approved in terms of its prospects for presidents out of it--the
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president got it quite a bit tonight. >> is the increase in the gross domestic product with less than it was before. we will see. they say that it will bring about economic growth. the deficits are likely to work in the opposite direction. i wanted to ask as well about infrastructure, 1.5 trillion put out the infrastructure related activity. what do you think of that number and where do you think congress can go on this issue and can they go next year? >> like so much else at this ths kind of taken out of the air and there was no concrete proposal on how we would ever really attack the infrastructure. in that sense it was also holl
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hollow. at times i felt i was in a campaign speech. somehow so much of it on immigration i thought i was in a campaign speech a year and a half ago when he talked about immigration it reminded me of the way that he talked about the immigrants of mexico and essentially he talked about the games. her husband is in jail, she is an iraqi christian, he was taken out of the blue with children who are american citizens, he's committed a crime and a very violent fund 30 years ago. they pick him up and put him in jail so when we talk about
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immigration in terms of games i thought that it was such a dangerous approach. >> thank you for joining us tonight, appreciate it. as we continue on getting reaction from the members of congress to the president's speech tonight, we are joined now by the congresswoman democrat of new jersey thank you for being here. michigan, sorry. from michigan what did you hear tonight from the president lacks >> it was a long speech. he said some of the right things but they were in conflict.
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i talked to a trainer today. and you minimize -. with so many of the areas in all these things. they are going to try to--
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that's where i want the dialogue and the president is trying to flood the formula. that isn't going to work but i think that we do have opportunities for private investment went to get to the table to start getting the word is. my guest tonight was danielle mcguire.
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it's not what happened with michigan state where we had these incidences consulting all these women. with the african community this president is labeled. so many are defendants of it we are standing tall in solidarity. we are women standing together
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in this fight against sexual harassment, standing with my african community. we must not stop that. >> from michigan to get it right this time thank you for joining us. appreciate your time. continuing on al green from texas. let me ask you as well about the hurricane recovery efforts and how have things been going in these months? the >> you would think that he has been giving fine. when you go into the neighborhood they are in repair. i made a note because i wanted to make sure that i got most of it right.
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we will pull through this together but they didn't say anything about $81 billion the house passed tha it hasn't been signed into law and the money that is needed for the recovery. this is the part of what i'm talking about in my faith but also to the service of those that feed helps not only to houston but also all of the victims of harvey that include puerto rico and the virgin islands. >> let me take you to the issue of immigration. what is reasonable, practical not everybody can get everything they want. how did you see this playing out in the weeks and months ahead? if we don't require some people to recapitulate, it is not a
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negotiation. when the president says here it is, i assume that he understands we can get a counteroffer, but here is my concern when he says he wants to end the diversity visa it is difficult for people who believe in diversity and the president indicates he's going to and unification that is difficult for those that have family members and then for others this is something that has been a part of our traditi tradition. i really think that there is something more to this. i think that this is a way for him to try to get democrats to
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do whathe democratsto do what wy do. why are you pushing it and how much longer will you continue to push it on the floor? >> i love my country and i believe that my country should have the promises that have been made to it and that we have been keeping by the people, for the people. the republic if you will which is what franklin said now. and because we have a president that is very insightful,
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examples, that transgender person shouldn't be in the military, that was to take that policy example indicating that certain countries in africa i don't know why one would be better than the other. but at the point where they are having a dialogue on immigration they are creating this immigration policy so these are the kind of things because they are a harm to the american society. now you asked the first part of the question why was i doing it, because i love my country. the second part. how long will you continue to push this on the floor?
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>> president will be subject as long as he is president because of the firing of the fbi director. when he went and explained it was related to the russia thing, my friends at home, impeachment isn't judicial, it is political. he is subject to the call to impeachment based on the interferinupon theinterfering wn investigation to the campaign involvement. they've been trying to deal with the campaigns and we have a duty to investigate it and the president has not interfered in that investigation.
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we now have the congressman from illinois. what did you hear from the president tonight but spoke to you most. talking about rebuilding the military i wish he would have talked more about agriculture. if they did to my friend and others said they were able to highlight some of the need for bipartisanship.
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tell us why you are here tonight and what do you take from the experience? >> i'm happy to be here and appreciate the president's talking bipartisanship and what the congressional elite dead at the baseball game. look forward to the infrastructure and rebuilding the military. >> what was the moment for you, what was that whole episode like for you? all the members then come over and take care.
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until what did you get from it? >> the first thing time that i had done anything like this [inaudible] again at 1.5 trillion other figures being thrown out there by the president for lots of different types of folks to get together to create that kind of activity. you can't get much more bipartisan than infrastructure and let's put into perspective.
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even if they talk the $250 billion of infrastructure spending that is about five times as much in the stimulus bill that the road a trillion dollars off the backs of the next generation. it is just because they don't want to give president trump a victory. there are different habits than a lothena lot of us have, but io say the president gets so much critique by so many that sometimes they may never have
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expected him to do not get enough credit. we have historic tax cuts that get overrun by the 24 hour news cycle. >> republicans on the champaign area, thank you for joining us and to the guests that came as well. thank you for your time tonight. what concerns me is he talks
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like he's going to prevent north korea from having to do but he's continuing the same policy that we've had for 17 years. but he's not willing to do is to even wonder whether they are losing access on the market and as long as they feel that they have free access to the american market, then china isn't going to change its policy coming out of north korea isn't going to change its policy towards developing missiles. >> what about the comment or the whole debate over russia at this point. there's so much news and so much friction.
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it says we have to sanction the companies to do business with the intelligence and the agencies of russia the president spent a good chunk of the speech talking about the economy. we are in a six-year wait. not as good as the other prayer years under obama, but 2017 we hope for a good strong 2018. >> democrat from california thank you for joining us tonight.
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>> continuing on with the congressman this time of nebraska on the appropriations committee. the big question is appropriation spending. we are under a temporary government funding may be a little more than a week left before any othe other longer tem that was needed. what is going to happen? >> i think the issue of what to appropriately do with people brought here against their will combined with necessary reforms to the immigration system and enhanced security. for those that have sympathies they will want to make sure that this and get it cut circumstances never happen again with charity and a lot of chaos. so that is the key to unlocking the budget difficulties moving forward. how about the spending caps that we have been hearing about and
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duties of those standards so that a long-term bill can happen happening and what is the update? >> i think you will see that happen. the artificial constraints on the military spending and other important domestic spending actually did help reduce the budget, but it is a proxy for this deeper into philosophical divide it that's creativity stagnation in government risking our own security so there is the will to get past this pretty quickly. it's been quite intense an ended had ed and flows. the current law has helped some
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people up so that they are not leaving anybody behind, immigration is a big issue and what they appropriately do about that, people want a system where the impulse is to be generous. you cannot have the generosity. the budget deals and then moving forward for something constructive like infrastructure and rethinking the number of programs so they are smart and effective. >> member of the armed services committee thank you for joining us.
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let's end this sequester when it comes to defense what do you think? >> that is exactly what we need to do. they've been harmed to the military readiness that was critical in talking about restoring the ability to meet the challenges and he named them off russia, china, iran making sure we rebuild from this continual line of resolutions so it's good to hear him say what people dhe will do to rebuild te military. >> how do you get there in terms of ending the sequester in-house? >> we have an opportunity to set aside the sequester to make sure that those things have been. i think that is the first step. you've got to stop doing these continuing resolutions and it leadthatleads to the shutdown m.
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i have a bill that would do th that. the house ought to be required by the end of july. some of those things would start to get done and then you are not pushed up against the end of the budget year to where we find ourselves with the resolutions, crisis managing and that happens year after year. it's the most illogical way to do that. >> what would he'd like to see happen and where do you see things going and how is the president doing in that particular area >> they are pressuring north korea making sure that they play an active role because it will
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affect how they deal with their building of nuclear weapons and having the inter- continental ballistic missile to put enough pressure on them to get them to stop. that is going to have to include a very aggressive effort by china. i think they have had a very effective plan to do that as they've done everything possible. you want to make sure all options are on the table. we would not like to pursue the military option but you cannot take that off. the scary situation is that our country doesn't want to find itself and. >> back to the democratic side of the aisle to the state of new york democrat joe crowley and the democratic caucus chair what
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did you make of the speech? >> unfortunately not very uniting and decides the issue that it's too high. what does that mean to you? there was a failure to recognize what russia attempted to do to undermine the democratic institution what steps to take to prevent this from happening in 2018. >> you were out there on the floor in the conference as many times leading up to the final vote. what is your take on where we are now as things get started?
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splenic it's had a big impact on the district and that is unfortunate. they go to the wealthiest 1% and i think that is a lost opportunity. >> what else did you hear tonight? there's 8 million dreamers. there is the dream bill.
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>> thank you for joining us tonight. >> moving onto th on to the othr chamber with senator jeff merkley from oregon. >> it's good to be with you. i also have a dreamer from the coalition. >> let's get your reaction first particularly o in the area of immigration. >> the president chose to use gangsters as a symbol of all immigrants and unless you are 100% native american which very few of us are it is really demeaning to all of us. our parents and great grandparents came here to build this great country and immigrants are the fabric on which we build this nation and to really dismiss immigrants is important to that heritage with the future which is very strange
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to hear from the american precedent. >> how did you meet your guest? >> i wanted to have a dreamer here but grew up in the elementary schools and high schools and colleges and are now hard at work and have had their legal status ripped away from them and it is a completely unfair and unjust situation to do that. the president is responsible for it and i felt it was important to evoke out of him those moments he said he had a great heart for the dreamers. >> where are you from? tell us your story and how you got to this spot tonight. >> we've been doing a lot of organizing in the community for what it means to be a recipient and undocumented on a personal
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level. it's the privilege t a privilege today in this space. you can see the stories and conversations. i think sometimes it gets to be more conceptual and we have 11,000 affected by this, it hundred thousand young adults across the country need a solution now. >> how concerned are you standing here tonight about the progress? >> i'm very concerned. the fact i feel like it is a conversation for everybody. people that are directly being
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affected by it, the american people want a solution that is 80% and those that are behind the act and the fact one has not been an active. i am concerned about where people go and how we will reach a solution. >> thank you for joining us tonight. back to the appropriations committee. one of the earlier guests said that a debate will be taking place in this next week. again we are under a temporary government funding. how do you see things playing out? >> i am very concerned that there hasn't been movement towarda movementtowards resolvic spending bill that was supposed to have been in place in september for the fiscal year starting october 1, but my republican colleagues were first obsessed with trying to pass a bill that would repel tear away
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from americans and then they spent all their time on a tax bill, not tax reform, but the bill to give up for the national treasury to the very richest americans over $2 trillion while collecting all of the fundamentals of governing. having the basic spending bill ready to go so we haven't addressed the opioid epidemic and that is why i'm wearing this ribbon tonight it is symbolic killing more people in america a van automobile accidents. they say they want to do something about it and then they do nothing to do. then it'to. then it's such an important front door. they are beloved on both sides of the aisle and get republican colleagues just can't bring themselves to.
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thanks for bringing the guest tonight. thank you. >> thank you for joining us tonight, speak about one of your areas of expertise and what you heard from the president tonight. >> i agree that prosperity and peace come with strength in the military and what we have to do now is appropriate funding. i agree with him that we need to end the sequester. i was amazed during the three days that we all drugged out our warriors and veterans saying how much we care about them what's
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appropriate for dollarwithapprot and fund our military. >> where are things going in the appropriations process next week and beyond what can you get to the finish line? >> we passed in the appropriations user measures that passed the house and senate signed by the president on authorization supported by partisan zealots appropriate and see what we can do with the others. the president is correct and i thought he made a concerted effort to reconnect lawmakers to the american people that the capital doesn't belong to us, it belongs to be the people. from the welders to the firemen come the military, soldiers committing factors to the small business owners that was a good reminder to all of us. >> what is the mood up here and what are your observations? >> i was readin reading someone.
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he was 16% and i was surprised that it was that high. so i think the mood is we are getting things done and need to continue to move and the president set a goal tonight. it is important that the president do that. congress has to do the immigration law but the fact we can see what the legislative and executive branches can come together. >> republican of oklahoma, thank you for joining us. >> we continue on in statuary hall getting reaction from the members of congress and the president's state of the union speech the president will release his budget at some point in the next several or many weeks and members of the budget committee are joining us now. senator of new mexico, what are you looking forward to when the time comes from the president on the budget?
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>> there were several things i think most members of congress are interested in the bed we agree need to be addressed. when he talked about crumbling infrastructure, i agree. we need to identify in the strategy of the budget plan to get to the infrastructure spending and is that going to look like a balance to the public partnerships inside of the local bodies of government without cost shifting and are these partnerships going to be meaningful and accountable partnerships? i need the level of detail and you are right, it is a very interesting roadmap and i'm hoping to see the same when we talk about cancer and clinical trials and i'm hoping to see the third trifecta are there going to be resources and serious strategies about the opioid epidemic and are there going to
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be government investments and strategies to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable. >> what else did you hear tonight? >> i think that this is talking about where we are going and it gives me details about that. the broadest vision statements and two of the statements i felt like we went right back to the inauguration speech and when we talked about being anti-trade and making sure we don't support any nations in his view about how they are supporting us and i thought the immigration statements although he didn't mention the law that didn't get to we do have an obligation to address many of these issues and the way that he approached that and the lack of the facts that
11:27 pm
were appropriate, i was really disappointed. >> tell us more about what you heard from the president tonight or wha what you would like to se happen in that area. >> here is an easy one. i need the president to not perpetuate this falsehood about immigrant communities to all all beings in serial debate for serious criminal offendercoserid pejorative terms that he uses instead of th the family reunifn and diversity it isn't helpful and we want americans and the voters and constituents to believe they are both starting the facts that we stipulate to different strategies to address those issues and then even when you disagree you have a meaningful opportunity and is the chairwoman of the caucus needs to ask the pejorative term and that the discriminatory
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meanings do not come out of the white house and i was disappointed to see that. >> thank you for joining us tonight, i appreciate it. >> moving onto the next guests tell us first what you thought about the speech. >> i was thrilled, proud to be an american. certainly in my portfolio securing the homeland. >> something the president brought up early in the speech, finding common ground, getting things done is that doable? >> we will continue to negotiate in good faith and we will talk about how to get this immigration deal so let's do it.
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>> what are you hearing from constituencies these days? >> we have not been able to do this through the congress so i think that they see the president has offered a compromise after listening to both parties and both houses of congress. >> tell us about your district. the department of homeland security we have the borders and the enforcement as well and so we also enforce the immigration law in the country. >> i didn't recognize you at first but you're the secretary of homeland security. what did you hear from the president tonight that it's going to be the biggest lift for you? >> being very clear that he's been willing to compromise that he's offered a compromise and laid out the four pillars of the deal to give us all the
11:30 pm
infrastructure we need and now we just need to get it done. >> is there enough money out there to do the job that needs done? >> absolutely to specify where we need the law and personnel and technology, where we need the additional ability to enforce the law. so we will work on explaining that to make sure they understand what it is we need. .. >> he is offering a path to citizenship that's more than other administration. on chain migration he wants to
11:31 pm
have the nuclear family. we have 400 million and a backlog that could take 40 years. let's get a nuclear family through the system and change our basis we are people coming here who have skills. within any ways to come here. so that allows us some flexibility to do that thank you for joining us. >> back to a member of the u.s. house of representatives bill, thank you for joining us. but if you think of the speech? >> i thought it was discipline and will deliver. one of the best speeches i have seen. >> you have a guest tonight, your small business owner. my name is zach and i own several businesses and michigan. to west michigan auto glass to eyewear solutions.
11:32 pm
>> what he want to say tonight in terms of your area of expertise. >> it was a great experience. i'm honored to be here. it's allowing us to have the opportunity to pay more wages to existing employees, by the location instead of renting them and being able to compete against the good guys. >> you're saying it's not for everybody, doesn't benefit the them,. >> i think they're off base, we are seeing large companies and small companies, medium-size companies. we have the three largest office furniture makers, tier one, two, three suppliers. they're all benefiting.
11:33 pm
and their employees are benefiting. for some to throughout this message that this is crumbs and doesn't mean anything to families is off base. over 50% of all families can't come up with a thousand dollars in an emergency fund to fix a car repair or take a trip to the dr.. when were sam bonuses been made, stock options, that's real money. >> as a non- member of this, what's next? >> i chair the capital market security and subcommittee. were dealing with security and exchange commission. i met with -- yesterday and we will continue to make sure we have the deepest and most liquid markets here. we've done some things that have
11:34 pm
changed that. it's time to open those back up. were making sure that men and women investing in college or funds that they're protected in getting the maximum return to better round how long? how would you describe the mood appear? >> it's challenging, i think what you saw tonight was the president who has been given a reputation of someone on the other side as being hyper- partisan is trying to reach out. yet the chairwoman of the hispanic caucus and the secretary of dhs talking about immigration. i have the largest hispanic population of all.
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it's everything from construction to highly educated folks to agricultural workers, i think there is a lot of us in cardinal chris that now we need to tackle this and take it on head-on. >> how do you tackle that? the president mentioned his four pillars, tc something more comprehensive? >> i call it the coalitions of the willing. you'll need to marry it was some things you really like in some things you don't. the other side might really like some some of it might not. when that president is talking about border integrity and trying to make sure were ending this extended migration family to emigrate but offering 1.8 million people for status
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adjustment, those are big things that conservatives are nervous about. as you heard from the chairwoman of the hispanic caucus they feel like it needs to go further. there's some real areas that we can have commonality. i'm married to an immigrant. and whether it is canada, cambodia, cameroon the system is broken and needs to be revamped. >> thank you and think it's your guest. >> will stay here for at least a few more minutes and gather another guest or two. you can watch the president's speech and the response anytime at you can call it tomorrow
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7:00 o'clock eastern time democrat from texas now, good evening. >> what are your takeaways from the speech do it see him give on for some else he should a few recycle promises he also missed an opportunity to talk about some pressing issues of our time. the me to movement that swept across the country and what that means for women of this nation in american society as we go through reform. also he didn't talk about russia
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interference in our elections last year, the greatest interference in our election that we seen. hilson and talk about how we will prevent that in the future and how the white house will work with congress on that. there are important issues he failed to address. >> let's get immigration as well. again, piecemeal, comprehensive. i'm optimistic. these are the features and lives of 800,000 young people in the line. i thought it was a promising first step for the president tissue in writing what he would like to see in a bill. putting in writing was a good first step. i disagree it has been part of a large negotiation. but most certainly by march 5
11:39 pm
what are the most pressing issues right now for the verse? >> and how we hold them accountable the fact that he refused to do these they could believe missed towards a constitutional crisis. for the president and executive branch not to impose the sanctions that congress has commanded, the legislative branch that will continue to be a problem. also north korea. the fact that the present strategy instead of building upon the success of going to the united nations marshaling the world to impose the strongest
11:40 pm
sanctions on north korea and the strategy is taken there the president it's also been troubling. >> and what about the russian pro? >> that is moving for. you basically have three main probes, the house and tell the, the senate intel, and robert mueller's investigation. ours is moving for. i suspect it will take many more months to complete. >> thanks for having us we have a democratic congressman now from illinois.
11:41 pm
once you to pronounce or less than first. >> what did you think of the speech? >> it's an hour and 20 minutes long, but their 15 minute mark is a surefire is can catch my flight home tomorrow morning. started lengthening. but then it wrapped up. he had some nice sentiments at times about unity and coming together. there is not enough substance in his actions in the past year to match up with the rhetoric. at least on a few issues my interest was piqued but i wanted to more substance. >> was most important thing to the constituents? >> everyone wants to get on the up escalator of the economy. they want to get into the middle class and stay there and have a successful small business. the second part is, they want to
11:42 pm
feel good about their government, their president, about how people are being treated and that people are treated with dignity. whether your lgbtq, a dreamer, an immigrant, a latino, a jew, muslim, what have you. those are some sentiments i'm hearing. >> what are the most important points for you to remember to work on behalf of your constituents. >> one thing that i was interested in was career technical vocational information in the statements he made. emily democrat in the house with the passage of the modernization of for the loss. the passed unanimously through the house and the sitting at the
11:43 pm
senate. i wish he said let's call for a vote, that would've been a huge boost to the economy. i like to see more sentiment at the white house about taking action about the rhetoric they've made. >> along the been congress? >> i'm in the second year of my first term. >> it's been a wild roller coaster ride. it's great honor to serve and i'm grateful for my constituents we appreciate it. >> continuing on, debbie is a democrat from florida. what your takeaways. >> i thought the president spent time at two promises with little detail and he gave a divisive and hateful speech that propose
11:44 pm
changing the immigration policy that allows families to stay together and diversity in this nation. i really was offended and thought it was a moral. >> what would you like to see happen in the area of immigration? i what's doable? >> he needs to pass a cleaned. if the republican leadership allowed this on the floor the senate would have an overwhelming bipartisan majority that a vote in favor of it. >> support on the floor and allow us to vote. >> we need to deal with it and we can but we don't need to use the dreamers for ransom.
11:45 pm
and ending almost throughout our history the american policy of being a beacon of light for the world and allowing people who are pressed to come to this country and make a better way from themselves. >> render very short-term government funding. what is the path forward and how to get there? >> the path forward is that what the president proposed which is ten the sequester and take it off the defense budget. i want to make sure we have a strong military. we need to have a budget deal in a full fiscal year budget to that raises the caps and eliminates the sequester. if we do live crt to cr that is grossly irresponsible. the family or business can sustain themselves.
11:46 pm
we try to sustain the country on a month-to-month budget. we need hammer out a budget deal, have not been willing to do that. >> we anticipate the new budget plan, what are you looking for two? >> i'm a glasses have to person. i would hope there be a budget that will make investments that we need to allow the economy to grow, the president claims were bogus tonight. we've had this loose growth rate of job since 2010. some of those he's claim credit for were created when president obama was in office, so transparency would be nice membrane at the outset republicans and democrats together so we can hammer out priorities for the country move
11:47 pm
forward together. >> thank you for joining us. >> that will wrap things up. read the u.s. capital, packed room full of reporters and journalists talking with members of congress tonight. you can watch the president's speech and the response anytime at that doesn't press, enjoy the rest of your evening. >> "washington journal", live every day with new some policy issues that impact to. >> coming up on wednesday morning, we get your reaction to president trumps for state of the union address. china conversation with your phone calls, e-mails and tweets. on thursday morning were live in montgomery alabama for the next stop on the 50 capital store.
11:48 pm
>> watch c-span's "washington journal", five every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> wednesday, a review of the state of the union address with susan collins, and house intelligence committee adam schiff. we join the conversation with mike l, live at 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2. >> once said, discussion on trump state of the union address moderated by bob schaffer. starts at 5:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> another chance to see congress with their reaction to the president's first state of the union address from statuary hall in the capital.


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